The Ufi Strategy

Our aim is to help improve vocational skills in the UK's workforce by funding digital solutions for vocational learning. We only fund activity that is ‘scalable’ through technology, ie projects that use digital methods to widen access to vocational learning. While digital learning solutions are potentially open to all, we are especially keen to assist digital projects which involve post school age vocational learners that have failed to be engaged by the education system.

5 year funding strategy

About Ufi

We fund projects which act as catalysts for change

  • 100 Funded projects

  • 950,000 people involved

  • £15,162,008 in grant funding

What are we looking for?

  • Innovative, tech led solutions to improving adult vocational learning in the UK
  • Projects where some technology development has already taken place and our funding can help to accelerate its development
  • Proposals for products or services that can be scaled up to reach a large number of learners and thus have significant impact

Latest news

  • VocTech Seed 2019 is open


    New year, new funding round. VocTech Seed opens for applications today. Up to £50,000 is available for early stage digital #edtech projects.

    VocTech Seed allows projects to explore and test ideas that have the potential to make a difference at scale in the world of vocational learning. The Trust is looking for ideas that use digital tech to make it easier and quicker to learn workplace skills. VocTech Seed can be the first step in taking a project from a prototype to one which has been market tested and ready for wider launch. 

    Many innovative projects that started out with...

  • #VocTech Funding Rounds 2019


    VocTech Seed 2019

    Provides up to £50K in funding for up to 12 months. Projects are at an early stage, solving clearly identifiable vocational learning problems. 

    Stage 1 - open 15 January - 8th February (5pm) Stage 2 - open 11th March - 5th April (5pm)Expected decision 31st May

     VocTech Impact 2019

    VocTech Impact provides £150-300K in funding, for projects 18-24 months in length. Projects have proven ideas and are able to show wide social impact. Ufi funding enables large scale piloting and demonstration.  

    Stage 1 open 5th June - 28th June (5pm)Stage 2...

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