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To create a world where vocational skills are celebrated and valued by all as the engine upon which the UK economy is built and where development of those skills is made possible by the best technology solutions, providing easier access, greater opportunity and better outcomes for all. 

Read our five year strategy for our plans to drive the change we want to happen.

Five-year Funding Strategy

Funding and Events
Funding and Events

Attend one of our events or join a webchat to find out more about funding your project.

Our Projects
Our Projects

Learn more about the digital projects we fund and the difference they make. Read our theory of change and our delivery plan to find out how we make change happen.  

How to Apply
How to Apply

We give funding to people who can help us revolutionise adult learning through technology. Apply to us if you've got an imaginative idea to use digital technology for adult vocational learning.

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We fund projects which act as catalysts for change

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Funded Projects

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  Newport based early years education technology specialists Kinderly has secured a £300,000 investment to help give children a great start in...

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