Are there other specific obligations which come with Ufi funding? | Ufi VocTech Trust

Ufi approaches its role as funder as a partnership process.  We expect our projects to reciprocate, and all projects are expected to help to contribute to a pipeline of new ideas for using digital technology to transform vocational learning. This includes:

•Attending the two workshops which support the funding process and our annual Ufi Showcase.

•Becoming active members of a cohort and contributing to Ufi’s aim to create a community of vocational learning developers and providers by active networking and sharing experience with other projects. Our work to date demonstrates that our projects gain significant benefit from engagement with their project cohort, and the Ufi wider network. 

•Sharing and championing the Ufi mission to increase the number of people accessing learning and gaining vocational skills through supporting our work to showcase practical examples of digital delivery of vocational learning.