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Funding rounds 2019

Funding call dates 2019

Ufi is running three open funding rounds in 2019. 


VocTech Seed 2019

VocTech Seed provides up to £50K in funding for up to 12 months. Projects are at an early stage, solving clearly identifiable vocational learning problems.  

  • Stage 1 - open 15 January - 8th February (5pm) 
  • Stage 2 - open 11th March - 5th April (5pm)
  • Expected decision 31st May


VocTech Specialist 

VocTech Specialist is a new funding round which will focus on improving vocational learning in specific sectors that are important to the economy but under-served by current provision. At Stage 1 projects will have the opportunity to investigate problems and propose collaborative learning solutions.

  • Stage 1 open 12th March - 5th April (5pm)
  • Expected decision 6th May


VocTech Impact 2019

VocTech Impact provides £150-300K in funding, for projects 18-24 months in length. Projects have proven ideas and are able to show wide social impact. Ufi funding enables large scale piloting and demonstration.  

  • Stage 1 open 5th June - 28th June (5pm)
  • Stage 2 open 1st August - 13th September (5pm) 
  • Expected decision 31st October

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