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Summer CPD

Catching up

With the last student assessments out of the way, and the pressure of the training cycle temporarily relieved, summer is the time that thoughts in the adult training world turn to CPD. To help you we have curated a selection of Ufi resources. Created by digital learning experts, our focus is on the practical - 'how to' create and use digital learning materials.

We’ve split our topics into three sections so that you can easily find the topics that matter to you most. Click on the webinar titles to listen to the recordings and watch the presentations. You can also download the slides. You'll need to register with GoToWebinar to listen to the recordings.

Design - Webinars and slides

How to design learning for online delivery - Dan Whiston
A beginner's guide to the basics of how to design for virtual learners 

Download the learning design webinar slides here. These contain links to lists of free learning tools and other resources.


How to use design thinking to improve the appeal of your learning product or service - Kriss Baird
An introduction to design thinking and why it matters, plus how to develop and test with personas

Download a copy of the slides


How to use games and gamification in digital learning - Dan Whiston
What's the difference between ‘games’ and ‘gamification’?  How do you use ‘gamification’ approaches to help you engage learners?

Download a copy of the slides


More on design - articles

Learning Design for Online Delivery - Dan Whiston
'No one wants to be average'

Five Differences between Face to face and Online Learning - Mark Berthelemy
'More than just webinars and online PowerPoint presentations'


Develop - Webinars and slides

How to move training online -a trainer’s quick start guide - Mark Berthelemy
A highly practical look at what you can do to get started with online training as quickly as possible 

Access the webinar slides here. These contain links to lists of free learning tools and other resources. 


How to choose the right tools for online delivery - Patrick Dunn
Where do you start and what questions do you need to ask? Here's how to make this decision and where to go to find out more  

Download a copy of the slides


How to use visuals in your online learning  - Bryan Mathers
Ever wanted to make better use of visuals to get your meaning across? Here are some simple lo-fi techniques that make the most of common hardware and software

Download a copy of the slides


How to use infographics, animations and comics in digital learning - Dan Whiston
There’s a lot more to visual media than video! Using infographics, animations and comics in digital learning helps you engage with learners and communicate content in a rich, nuanced and powerful way. But you need to take control of the process 

Download a copy of the slides



More on develop - articles

Reducing the risks when moving training online - Mark Berthelemy
'Moving training online can be a risky business. There will be a lot of unknowns and assumptions'

Four Common Pitfalls In Online Training - Mark Berthelemy
'Whenever you start doing something new you're probably going to make mistakes'

Five Free Tools For Low Risk Start Up - Mark Berthelemy
There are hundreds if not thousands of software tools to help you administer, sell, design, build and evaluate your online courses


Deliver - Webinars and slides

How to create accessible digital learning - Lisa Featherstone
Digital learning resources and activities widen learning to large numbers of people. But how do you ensure your learning is as accessible as it can be? A beginners’ guide to accessibility in digital learning 

Listen to additional info on Closed Captions

Download a copy of the slides


How to build your learning business via social media and monetise your services - Garry James & Kev Jones
Using social media looks easy but how best to use it to build a business? Also options for monetising online delivery and quick actions to get started

Download a copy of the resource pack to accompany the webinar


More on deliver - articles

Building knowledge, confidence and careers for carers - Care City
News story on delivering online learning for carers

User testing in a pandemic
News story on over coming testing difficulties during lockdown 


Learn more - courses 

Blended Learning Essentials:Getting Started
A free course to learn how to promote effective practice and pedagogy in blended learning

Blended Learning Essentials: Embedding Practice
The second part of a course for the Vocational Education and Training sector to promote effective use of blended learning