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This page enables you to provide feedback on our VocTech Essentials proposal. Your input will help inform the development of our project. We’re extremely grateful for your feedback!

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This is what we grappled with when we starting to think about this project:

  • Teaching and other staff in vocational (and other) institutions are struggling to acquire the digital (and digital pedagogical) skills they need to thrive in a rapidly-evolving teaching employment landscape.
  • There is a bewildering and ever-increasing choice of digital tools, platforms and resources available to support learning and teaching. While there are pockets of expertise, practitioners and leaders struggle to make informed choices about what to use because it is difficult to assess the relative merits and potential for use.
  • There are several seemingly-competing frameworks which are not well-understood and a variety of accreditation routes, including micro-accreditation, which are not universally-recognised, -understood or -valued.
  • There is no cross-communication between the digital (pedagogical) skills teachers think they need versus the digital skills their employers think they need in their staff.
  • Learners’ digital skills are also often missing from these conversations – businesses need to be involved in helping teaching institutions to understand what they need from their future employees.

This is why we think you’d benefit if we build it:

  • Currently, no UK marketplace aggregates digital skills and digital pedagogy tools / apps / software / techniques for teachers, or reviews/rates them, or takes account of learners’ experiences of the way in which the tech is used in their institutions; no marketplace also has input from teaching staff employers (the latter is crucial for optimising digital change in vocational institutions).
  • This project will bring organisations into a community-led, vendor/developer-independent environment, to triangulate requirements.
  • Ufi, working with partners (including, but not limited to membership, educational and sector bodies) could develop the proposal and deliver it – or someone else (individual or partners) could build it with Ufi funding.
  • Practitioners will be able to discover which resources and techniques are most relevant for their role, curriculum or industry, the level of study they are delivering (e.g. entry level, Adult Ed, FE, HE), and could be segmented by delivery model e.g. apprenticeships, enhanced by functionality that could offer a ‘playlist’ of resources.
  • The platform will allow practitioners to share their expertise, knowledge and understanding through rating and reviewing the resources. Digital champion mentors will support teachers’ personal development, building on Ufi-funded BLE project.
  • It will include employer input on the digital skills learners need in industries feeding into the skills education employers need in their staff to successfully deliver those skills to learners.

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