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VocTech Seed 2017

Ufi Charitable Trust - VocTech Seed

Ufi is launching a new round of its Seed fund to promote digital solutions for vocational learning.  VocTech Seed is working to create a pipeline of new approaches to vocational learning by supporting innovative and creative projects at a relatively early stage of development.  By funding the design and development of novel approaches to digital vocational learning, it will help to take new ideas through basic prototyping to the next stage or to extend an existing approach to a new market, industry or community of learners.

Up to £50,000 is available for projects of up to 12 months duration.  

This is an open call and we welcome proposals addressing all industries, geographies, and digital delivery approaches (within normal parameters).  

Our Stage 1 application form is live from 24th April to 25 May (17:00) 

To apply

What is VocTech Seed looking for?

Projects which are genuinely ground breaking in their overall approach, their technology, or the sector or community of learners to which they will be applied, where people are really thinking differently about how to use technology to deliver effective vocational learning at scale.

We are looking for ideas for high quality, innovative learning solutions that are flexible, adaptable and cost effective and which will improve outcomes for learners and improve the quality of vocational teaching and training.

Projects that look at any and every aspect of vocational learning, including (but not limited to) design and development of learning tools, new delivery models, evaluation and assessment, accreditation and recording evidence of achievement.

Projects targeted at sectors, industries and communities of learners that lack access to vocational learning due to geography, lack of funding or other factors.  

Projects which will use Ufi funding to make something happen that could not otherwise happen, or making it happen more quickly or at a greater scale.

Successful projects will:

  • Focus on vocational learning 
  • Show understanding of vocational learning and provide a solution to a defined learning need
  • Plan to test with relevant users and use feedback from testing in product development 
  • Be ambitious, with a vision for taking a product to market and reaching large numbers of learners  
  • Be clear about why Ufi funding is needed and what it will achieve
  • Have a plan for business sustainability beyond Ufi funding
  • Be realistic and deliverable within the timeframe